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Gilberto Acuña is a highly skilled and experienced IT professional with an impressive career spanning over 30 years. With a strong focus on IT management and IT infrastructure, Gilberto has honed his expertise in various industries, including beverages and quick-service restaurants. 

Notably, he dedicated two decades of his career serving as an IT Infrastructure Manager at Grupo Continental and Arca Continental, renowned as one of the largest Coca-Cola bottling companies worldwide.

Throughout his tenure at these esteemed organizations, Gilberto played a pivotal role in shaping and optimizing their IT frameworks. His extensive experience in managing complex IT infrastructure, coupled with his deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry, positioned him as a valuable asset. 

Gilberto’s strategic approach and ability to align IT solutions with business objectives led to enhanced operational efficiency and contributed to the overall success of these companies.

Gilberto’s wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience make him a trusted advisor in the realm of IT. His contributions in leveraging technology for competitive advantage have resulted in remarkable achievements in the organizations he has served. 

With a proven track record of driving innovation, optimizing IT infrastructure, and delivering tangible results, Gilberto is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance to businesses seeking to harness the power of technology in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Diego Acuña is a multifaceted professional with a passion for both technology and finance. With a solid background in eCommerce and website development, Diego has successfully undertaken several projects in diverse industries, including music, catering, and nutrition. 

His expertise lies in crafting compelling online platforms that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences.

Diego’s commitment to continuous learning led him to pursue a Finance degree at the prestigious University of Houston. As a student, he combines his technical skills with a deep understanding of financial principles, positioning himself at the intersection of technology and business. 

Diego’s academic pursuits enable him to approach projects from a holistic perspective, taking into account not only the technical aspects but also the financial implications and strategic considerations.

Currently, Diego serves as a junior consultant at Jaiva Technologies, a leading technology firm specializing in providing innovative solutions for businesses. 

In his role, he leverages his technical expertise and financial acumen to assist clients in achieving their goals. Diego’s keen eye for detail, analytical mindset, and strong problem-solving abilities make him a valuable asset to the consulting team.

With a passion for both technology and finance, Diego is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and finance enables him to deliver comprehensive and impactful solutions to clients. 

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