This is our story of how our online store has dramatically increased sales with Tidio Chat


 Live chat boosted with chatbots for customer service. Tidio is the ultimate customer service platform that provides real-time customer service and sales on your website, and more than 300k+ businesses worldwide trust Tidio to improve their online presence.

Tidio Chat, in my opinion, is more than a chatbot; I would say it is a virtual assistant. But what do I mean by a virtual assistant?

Tidio Chat is a great tool and one of the best chatbots available on the market. In our case, we have been a delighted customer since 2017, around five years, and the results have been fantastic, and thanks to this powerful tool, we have achieved a large number of sales.

It is exciting to see when a new visitor to your website is served by this Chatbot or Virtual Assistant, which asks questions and guides them so that the visitor responds with the information we need to obtain, such as contact information. And thus be able to send the customer the information he is requesting, such as a quote or help him with the purchase he wishes to make in the virtual store.

Tidio Chat has been, without a doubt, one of the best business decisions we have made on our website. From day one, it was up and running, and without a doubt, I can mention that it has consistently generated sales for the company of around $1,000 to $3,000 a month that otherwise might not have been possible.

In our case, we enabled Tidio Chat for a website whose main purpose is to offer ice cream catering services, secondly to offer bake sales, and thirdly to offer fundraisers.

So what we did was create an automation so that every time a visitor arrives at the web page, three questions appear trying to guide the visitor to where they want to go.

In this case the first option is if you want information related to Ice Cream Catering, the second option is if you need some help with ice cream cakes or if your request refers to something else.

Once you have selected, in this case, Ice Cream Catering, we ask you a series of questions, always trying in the first place to request your e-mail or your telephone number even before your name, in order to obtain your data in in case the visitor disconnects.

So the first thing that is done is to ask for general information such as e-mail, telephone, name, later if you are interested in this case for an Ice Cream Catering, we have to ask you for how many people you are interested in the date and time. and the direction. In the same way we can ask you if it is a corporate event or a private party, a wedding or another type.

Now, I have realized Ice Cream Catering and Tidio Chat work very well, more however, in the case of electronic commerce for the sale of ice cream cakes, it has not been possible to achieve the deals we expected. Still, I insist, in the case of Ice Cream Catering, the result has been fantastic.

What would be the reason? It’s hard to know, but I think it’s mainly because many of the event coordinators work from their computer in their office, and a much more comfortable environment, with a larger screen and a mouse and keyboard, which is more comfortable for them to able to interact and get, in this case, a quote for their event.

On the other hand, as I already mentioned, it is not the same when using a cell phone since it is always more complicated, the keyboard is smaller, the screen is smaller, and I think that many of the clients who are looking for ice cream cakes, sometimes they are using their cell phones, they are driving, they are at the traffic light, and they are not so focused.

On the other hand, we have the case of an event coordinator who could be sitting at his computer with a larger screen, keyboard, mouse, and all the comforts. So we must always consider who our client is and try to guess a little from where he is connecting.

You may be working from home, on a computer, cell phone, or on the go. All of these factors will influence how you can interact with ChatBot.

Now how to install it? Well, I would say that for all those with experience in WordPress, it is straightforward; it is simply a matter of installing the plugin. Well, first, you have to create the account, for which you have to go to, create an account, and then when you install the plugin, you must link the history or the Tidio portal to the plugin.

Regarding the plugin’s configuration, I would recommend entering each option and configuring it correctly, with the company’s name, the hours of operation, and the address, and trying to customize it as much as possible to our needs.

Now the most important thing from my point of view and what has worked best for me is automation.

As for automation, they only want to have perhaps a little knowledge such as flowcharts or programming, although there is no problem if it would be helpful to have an understanding of it; for example, a client arrives from one side and asks a question , if he answers yes, he goes to this side, if he answers no, he goes to the other side.

So if it is essential to define the logic of the questions, the sequence of the questions will be asked the visitor, first to try to make a flowchart on paper and pencil or paper and pen and then do the translation to Tidio Chat.

As a result, I can honestly say that we have already generated hundreds, almost suddenly you can make thousands, not so much in the thousands, but hundreds of prospects, and each prospect, in the case of this company, can represent at least $300, $500 or even thousands of dollars.

Perhaps more so with a single client, we could say that the investment made through Tidio Chat has been successful.

Without a doubt, this service is paid for, and although there is a free version, we chose the paid version from the beginning; although it is very cheap in the plan, I think it is $9 or $10, and it does not exceed $15 per month.

So, as I repeat with a single sale for us, using this tool is more than justified.

Now, in terms of technical support, if on some occasion I contacted the technical support department and I found the service and kindness fantastic as well. So from my honest opinion, I do highly recommend this tool. I have tried to use some others within it, generally Hubspot and some other chat, but honestly, the interface and the portal are not the same, the colors are very clear, very precise. allows you to configure your Chat Bot

I even put an icon, that is, an avatar, and another function is that you can have two or three operators, install the application on your cell phone, and sometimes I have to drive and I’m not in front of it. of the computer, and the ChatBot begins to answer when I see that there is a client who is already asking very specific questions that cannot be answered by the ChatBot, I enter, I return to the conversation and I end up commenting sometimes at the end of the automation I finish Talking directly with the client I send him the quote.

On many occasions I have had to confirm them at times for large events with 200 to 300 people who can present between $500 and maybe $2,000, etc. So I highly recommend that if you like, you can take a look at the portal that I have told you about, which in my opinion is a success story called

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